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Tools and Measurement

Tools and Measurement

Different tools are required to conduct different kinds of scientific exploration. Over time, better, stronger tools have been developed, enabling us to make new discoveries and understand more about ourselves and our environment, from the microscopic to the intergalactic. This resource page provides information about common scientific tools that all elementary students should be familiar with and be able to use.

Tools and Equipment of Science
BioEd Online,

Introduce students to important science tools, such as metric rulers, thermometers and magnifiers.

Metric Mania Lesson Plans
The Science Spot,

A host of metric lessons that include labs on length, mass, volume, density, temperature and conversions.

SI Measurement
Holt, Rinehart and Winston Co.,

This reference chart identifies the basic units of the International Systems of Units (SI), or metric system, including prefixes used to define smaller and larger quantities. It also includes a conversion table for SI to English (or standard) measurement.

Reading a Triple Beam Balance

Students learn the basic parts of a triple beam balance and practice using the scale with several different objects.

Triple Beam Balance Tutorial
Ohaus Corporation,

Series of interactive, online tutorials that explain set-up and care of a triple beam balance, how to use read the balance, and the scientific principles that make a balance work.

Create a Graph
National Center for Education Statistics, Kids's Zone,

Easy-to-use resource that enables you to create and print five types of graphs, in various patterns and colors, for use in experiments. You can even title the graph and label the axis.