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Most hazards in science class can be prevented through education, awareness and preparation. Teach your students to use safe practices when conducting science investigations in class or outdoors. The resources below include safety contracts, state safety rules and regulations, and safety graphics that can be used in your classroom.

Science Safety in Elementary Schools
Science Safety in Elementary Schools,

Watch this video for ideas on how to incorporate “Safety First” into every science lesson.

Science and Safety, It’s Elementary
Council of State Science Supervisors,

A handy reference for elementary teachers of science, providing basic guidelines for safe practices and information related to common questions about safety in the science classroom.

Science Education Safety
Council of State Science Supervisors,

Free, downloadable guide to elementary science safety, produced by the CSSS. The web page also includes a science safety checklist and recommendations for safe practices.

Safety in the Science Classroom
National Science Teachers Association,

Comprehensive list of safety resources and guidelines for school science.

Texas Safety Standards, Kindergarten Through Grade 12 Science
The University of Texas at Austin, Charles A. Dana Center,

This guide to the laws, rules, regulations and safety procedures pertaining to classroom, laboratory and field investigations may be ordered in hard copy or downloaded as individual chapters.