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Professional Communication

Professional Communication

You probably have heard teaching colleagues say they’re more comfortable speaking in front of their students than in front of their peers. This is natural, but it is important to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with other educators. There are many ways to practice and hone your skills. The resources below will help you to become a more confident, effective public speaker and presenter.

Dynamite PPT Design
BioEd Online,

Dynamite PPT Design: BioEd Online and K8 Science (video) - Tracy Volz, an expert on professional communication, presents the “do’s” and “don’ts” of creating PowerPoint presentations for your teaching colleagues, administrators or students.

Enhancing Your Leadership Presence
BioEd Online,

A successful presentation hinges on more than strong content. Watch this video for great practical tips that will help you to convey confidence and enhance your presentation presence through posture, delivery and gestures.

Planning and Preparing a Leadership Presentation
BioEd Online,

Effective presentations require planning and preparation. Whether you are presenting at a national science conference or a grade level team meeting, this video can help improve your delivery.

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