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Professional Resources

Professional Resources

Information to help develop your leadership and communication skills, expand your science content knowledge base, engage with the broader educational community, and inform you of the latest policies and guidelines from our federal and state educational systems.

  • National and State Standards

    National and State Standards

    Education standards are the foundation for your science curriculum. National standards inform state standards, which, in turn, inform local district standards. This section provides direct links to national and State of Texas educational standards that may be useful to your elementary science lesson planning and teaching strategies.

    Tags: national standard, Texas standard, science curriculum

  • Professional Communication

    Professional Communication

    You probably have heard teaching colleagues say they’re more comfortable speaking in front of their students than in front of their peers. This is natural, but it is important to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with other educators. There are many ways to practice and hone your skills. The resources below will help you to become a more confident, effective public speaker and presenter.

    Tags: professional, communication, presentation, PowerPoint, leadership

  • Professional Organizations

    Professional Organizations

    Professional organizations are an important resource for educators. They provide access to new lesson ideas; cutting edge science education research findings; information about national or state initiatives targeted to standards, assessment, or instruction; professional interaction with peers; and more. Join one or several organizations, and take advantage of their conferences, publications and professional development opportunities.

    Tags: professional organization, teacher organization, professional growth, teacher collaboration, teacher network

  • Suggested Reading

    Suggested Reading

    Expand your knowledge of topics related to science instruction. From science standards to questioning strategies and assessment, all of these issues can impact the success of your lessons. The books, articles and other resources identified here will help you keep up-to-date and provide ideas for your teaching.


    Tags: article, book, science education, teaching strategie, classroom assessment

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