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Use these free video and slide presentations to enhance your own content knowledge, and/or that of your students. Our digital slide sets cover a range of science topics, and include speaker's notes. All of our presentations can be downloaded to or viewed on computers and mobile devices.

  • Chromosomes and Inherited Traits

    Chromosomes and Inherited Traits

    Have you ever wondered why you look like you do? This presentation in the field of Genetics and Genomics looks at chromosomes and inherited traits. Dr. Ron McNeel gives an overview of the basis of inheritance.

  • Earth/Space


    Explore Space Science topics with Greg Vogt, EdD, and Brenda Lary, MS. Topics include Earth's tilt and its place in the solar system, phases of the moon, movement of the moon and planets, microgravity, and the effects of microgravity who live and work in space.

  • Earth Science: Basic Image Sets

    Earth Science: Basic Image Sets

    Earth science has applications across many science subjects, and can serve as a foundation for reading and writing activities. Use this engaging three-part slide presentation by Dr. Greg Vogt to cover some of the basics of Earth science with your class.

  • Life Science: Organisms and Energy Interactions

    Life Science: Organisms and Energy Interactions

    Learn more about living and nonliving organisms, their basic needs and how energy flows through ecosystems in this presentation by Dr. Nancy Moreno. Download the slide set from the December 2011 workshop here.

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