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Grade 5

Grade 5


Make your own flashlight; learn how the Grand Canyon was formed, and observe how plants produce sugar through photosynthesis. These are just a few examples of appropriate science activities for fifth grade students.

  • Skills and Tools

    Skills and Tools

    Scientists use a variety of tools to extend their senses and collect information. Fifth graders will enjoy working with equipment such as microscopes, mirrors, spring scales and stopwatches to observe and measure. The lessons in this section help students develop their skills using a variety of scientific tools.

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  • Physical Science

    Physical Science

    In fifth grade, students learn about the physical properties of matter, including magnetism, physical states of matter, relative density, solubility in water, and the ability to conduct or insulate electrical and heat energy. Students explore the uses of light, thermal, electrical, and sound energies.

    Tags: Science Lessons, Fifth Grade, Physical, 5th

  • Earth/Space


    Earth’s surface is subject to constant changes. The planet also undergoes cycles related to the Sun and the Moon. Students learn about these patterns and cycles, and how they fit into the changes Earth has experienced over time.

    Tags: Science Lessons, Fifth Grade, Earth, Space, 5th

  • Life Science

    Life Science

    Fifth grade students explore how organisms interact with one another and with their environment. They also build a deeper understanding of inherited traits and learned behaviors, and how structures and functions can help organisms to survive.

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Grade 5

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