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Grade 3

Grade 3


In third grade, students have many more opportunities to use scientific tools to extend their senses. They will use magnifiers to make observations; use measuring devices, such as thermometers and meter sticks; and use notebooks to systemically record their investigations and observations.

  • Skills and Tools

    Skills and Tools

    Scientists use a variety of tools to extend their senses and collect information. Visit each section below to find lessons that develop students skills and abilities to use scientific tools safely and appropriately.

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  • Physical Science

    Physical Science

    In grade three, students investigate the physical properties of different materials and learn that changes occur in those materials. They explore mixtures and investigate examples of light, sound, and heat/thermal energy in everyday life. Students manipulate objects by pushing and pulling to demonstrate changes in motion and position.

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  • Earth/Space


    Third graders implement science investigation techniques to recognize objects in the sky affect patterns and cycles on Earth. They also build an understanding about how patterns, cycles, and events affect the surface of the Earth and how the planet provides resources used by humans.

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  • Life Science

    Life Science

    By examining organisms and their environments students learn about patterns, systems and cycles that affect the survival of living things. Students also learn about characteristics of organisms, their inherited traits, and their learned behaviors.

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Grade 3

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