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Grade 1

Grade 1


First grade students observe and describe the natural world using their five senses. A central theme in first grade science is active engagement in asking questions, communicating ideas, and exploring with scientific tools.

  • Skills and Tools

    Skills and Tools

    Scientists use a variety of tools to extend their senses and collect information. First grade students will enjoy using hand lenses, balances, magnets and weather instruments, among other tools.

    Tags: Science Lessons, First Grade, Skills, Tools, Process, General, 1st

  • Physical Science

    Physical Science

    Students learn about physical properties of different materials, and the importance of light, heat, and sound energy to their everyday lives. Students also observe and record changes in the location and motion of objects.

    Tags: Science Lessons, First Grade, Physical, 1st

  • Earth/Space


    First grade students learn to ask questions about the world and build on their knowledge of cycles and patterns in nature. Students observe and record information about the natural world as they develop an understanding of patterns in the weather and in the appearance of objects in the sky.

    Tags: Science Lessons, First Grade, Earth, Space, 1st

  • Life Science

    Life Science

    Students learn that organisms have basic needs that can be satisfied through interactions with living and nonliving things. By investigating the life cycle of animals, students develop an understanding of how structures and processes help them survive and complete their life cycles within their environments.

    Tags: Science Lessons, First Grade, Life, 1st

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Grade 1

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