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Explore Space Science topics with Greg Vogt, EdD, and Brenda Lary, MS. Topics include Earth's tilt and its place in the solar system, phases of the moon, movement of the moon and planets, microgravity, and the effects of microgravity who live and work in space.

  • 23.5 degrees

    23.5 degrees

    Former NASA educator, Dr. Greg Vogt, provides an overview of Earth’s place in the solar system and Earth’s orbit around the sun. He also addresses common student misconceptions about these topics.

  • Earth Moon Cycles

    Earth Moon Cycles

    Learn about the Sun-Earth-Moon system from veteran science teacher, Brenda Lary. She explains Earth’s orbit around the Sun, why the tilt of the Earth’s axis causes seasons, and why moon phases follow a regular pattern.

  • Phases of the Moon

    Phases of the Moon

    Dr. Greg Vogt explains patterns of change in the moon’s appearance, one of the more difficult Earth/space concepts for students to grasp. He describes a simple classroom demonstration that can improve students’ understanding of moon phases.

  • Plants In Space

    Plants In Space

    Will plants grow and thrive without Earth’s gravity? Dr. Greg Vogt discusses an engaging experiment that allows students anywhere to compare plants growing on Earth to those grown on the International Space Station.