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Water Cycle

Water Cycle

TEKS Objective

The student is expected to explore the processes in the water cycle, including evaporation, condensation, and precipitation, as connected to weather conditions.

Essential Understanding

The student knows that there are recognizable patterns in the natural world and among objects in the sky.

Science Background

Water Cycle: US Geological Survey (website) - The water cycle, also known as the hydrologic cycle, describes the continuous movement of water on, above and below Earth’s surface. Learn much more with the informative content and links here.

Water Cycle
US Geological Survey, Georgia Water Science for Schools,

Round and Round it Goes: Environmental Education for Kids (website) - Detailed information about different parts of the water cycle, including transpiration, water vapor and groundwater.

Round and Round it Goes
Environmental Education for Kids,

Signature Lesson

Making a Water Cycle: BioEd Online (Website and video) - Students build a simple model of the water cycle using a shoebox, with which they observe and explore the processes of the water cycle.

Making a Water Cycle
BioEd Online,

Create a Lasting Water Cycle - Watch the Related Video
BioEd Online,

Supporting Lessons

Rain, Rain, Go Away: Environmental Protection Agency (PDF) - Students learn the steps in the water cycle, the three forms of water (solid, liquid, gas), and that the water cycle is a never-ending process.

Rain, Rain, Go Away
Environmental Protection Agency,

Water Goes Up and Down: Environmental Protection Agency (PDF) - Learn the definitions of “vapor,” “evaporation” and “water cycle,” and use role-playing to act out the stages in the water cycle.

Water Goes Up and Down
Environmental Protection Agency,

Make a Water Cycle Wristband: American Chemical Society (PDF) - Students make wristbands from colored beads that represent each stage of the water cycle.

Make a Water Cycle Wristband
American Chemical Society,

Elaboration Lessons and Extensions

Water Explorations: BioEd Online (website) - Download this student mini-magazine about water and its importance.

Water Explorations
BioEd Online,

The Water Cycle: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administratrion (PDF) - Dice game in which students learn about the water cycle through role playing and identify the states of water in different phases of the cycle. Includes teacher background and assessment.

The Water Cycle
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administratrion,

Water Planet Game: FOSSWEB (website) - Students explore the water cycle through an interactive online computer game and accompanying worksheet. The online game is available at the link below.

Water Planet Game

Water Planet Worksheet: FOSSWEB (website) - Student worksheet to accompany the “Water Planet” game.

Water Planet Worksheet

Assessment Ideas

Water Cycle Assessment: Second Grade Locker (website) - Students make water cycle posters and write about what they have learned. (Scroll to middle of the page for assessment activity description.)

Water Cycle Assessment
Second Grade Locker Room,

Literature Connections

Mystery of the Muddled Marsh. Tharp, B; Dresden, J.; Moreno, N (ISBN: 978-1-888997-65-1). Download as a PDF from K8 Science.

Magic School Bus Wet All Over. Cole, Joanna (ISBN: 0590508334)

Clouds. Saunders Smith, Gail (ISBN: 1560657774)

The Cloud Book. De Paola, Tomie (ISBN: 0823405311)

Liquid to Gas and Back. Patten, J.M. (ISBN: 1559161299)

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Barrett, Judi (ISBN: 0689707495)

What Do You See in a Cloud? Fowler, Allan (ISBN: 0516202227)

Drip! Drop! How Water Gets to Your Tap. Seuling, Barbara (ISBN: 0-823-414 59-0)

A Drop Around the World. Shaw-McKinney, Barbara (ISBN: 1-883-22072-6)

Water. Flanagan, Alice (ISBN: 0-7565-0038-9)

Water. Ditchfield, Christin; Jenner, Jan; and Vargus, Nanci R. (ISBN: 0-516-29369-9)

Water, Water Everywhere. Rauzon, Mark J. and Overbeck-Bix, Cynthia (ISBN: 0-871-56383-5)

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain. Aardema, Verna (ISBN: 0-140-54616-2)

Water Dance. Locker, Thomas (ISBN: 0-152-16396-4)

The Water Cycle. Frost, Helen (ISBN: 0-7368-2314-X)

Related Science TEKS

(2.8A) Weather
The student is expected to measure, record, and graph weather information, including temperature, wind conditions, precipitation, and cloud coverage, in order to identify patterns in the data.

(2.8D) Objects in the Sky
The student is expected to identify the importance of weather and seasonal information to make choices in clothing, activities, and transportation.

(2.8D) Objects in the Sky
The student is expected to observe, describe, and record patterns of objects in the sky, including the appearance of the Moon.

Related Math TEKS

2.13A  The student is expected to explain and record observations using objects, words, pictures, numbers, and technology.

Additional Resources

The Water Cycle: McGraw-Hill Education (website) - Short interactive video about the water cycle, with a game at the end.

The Water Cycle
McGraw-Hill Education,

Follow a Drop through the Water Cycle: US Geological Survey (website) - Students learn the water cycle by envisioning a drop of water as it moves from place to place, and through different states of matter.

Follow a Drop through the Water Cycle
US Geological Survey, Georgia Water Science for Schools,

Water Cycle: Exploring Earth (website) - Students observe a raindrop traveling through various points of the water cycle in this interactive animation.

Water Cycle
Exploring Earth, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company,

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