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(1.9C) Interdependence Among Organisms

(1.9C) Interdependence Among Organisms


Gather evidence of interdependence among living organisms such as energy transfer through food chains and animals using plants for shelter.

  • Food Chains

    Food Chains

    Living things need a source of energy or food in order to survive. The flow of energy begins with organisms that can create their own food using an external source of energy (generally the Sun). Other living things must obtain their energy by consuming other organisms. In the signature lesson, students model a simple food chain to understand interdependence of organisms through energy transfer.

    Tags: Science Lessons, First Grade, Life

  • Plants as Shelter

    Plants as Shelter

    Organisms rely on one another for survival. Some organisms utilize plants as their shelter. In this signature lessons students investigate animals that live in trees.

    Tags: Science Lessons, First Grade, Life

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